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PostSubject: NEW MOON BOOK   Thu May 21, 2009 3:09 pm

New Moon begins with Bella's birthday, which is not a very good day for her because she becomes older, larger than Edward. Despite the fact that Bella does not want celebrate his birthday, Edward and his sister Alice was able to convince them to go to the Cullen House. Birthday ends in disaster when Bella becomes a cut on a finger opening a gift. The blood out of a Jasper, who attacked, being intervened by Edward, who keeps it bites. Bella dropped nailing a few crystals in the arm, it heals wounds Carlisle. Later, Edward meditates on what happened that night and decided to tell Bella that she would be better and safer without him, so he says that Bella does not want more (which she completely cree) and leaves with Forks excuse that it was for their protection. We believe it does not feel anything for it, saying that it will be as if never existed.

Bella falls into depression. Lost contact with everyone, friends, teachers, even with his father, which becomes very distant. His father tries to return Bella to be the same as before, but failed, so to see that Bella does not improve, threatening to send his mother. Bella, knowing that his father met, try to be as before. Jessica Call, which had not returned to speak, she was surprised that there was a change for months. Invite Jessica to come out and see a movie, and it accepts. When the weekend, there's not much to talk about, so Bella is nervous at the end of the film and decide who should go to dinner. Road to the site, passing by a bar, in which several men outside. Bella does not know why, but he recalled the time that was some time in Port Angeles where Edward the rescue. Without knowing how to listen to the voice of Edward in it, who tells him away, Bella after a few moments, reflects, and goes home with Jessica, who is very scared. On the way home, nobody says anything, because what makes them annoying Jessica. Bella at night, she realizes that appears when the voice is in trouble.

One day, while Bella was going through a house, he saw two motorcycles sold, and they get that they end up giving away as they were old and decomposed. Used for repair help asking Jacob Black, who starts to come very close, with him feeling a little consolation. As he does many things, rebuild the bikes, one for each, and out to walk together. She explained that risk just to hear Edward's voice asking him to leave everything and take care. Bella and Jacob, after spending many afternoons together in the garage improvised become close friends. In the Quileute Reservation, La Push on the beach, young people practice the "Jump of the cliff towards the sea, and Bella wishes to do the same, as a risk to his life is one more reason to listen to the voice of his loved.

After leaving a cinema with Jacob and Mike, Bella realizes that friendship is so great with Jacob. Days later, Bella tries to communicate with Jacob, because he was sick and had no contact with him. By calling The Push, Jacob does not answer your calls for days. Bella begins to feel depressed again and decided to go to La Push to talk straight with Jacob. Found to have a "conversation" with him, which dealt with a little indifferent and even aggressive, Bella can not and decides to leave his house. Already in the night, Bella visit Jacob, and apologizes for having "hurt" because he had promised never to do it. Jacob begins to tell Bella so subliminal, that he is a Licantropo, as it is, and not let you tell. The next morning, Bella visit Jacob and said he discovered what it is, and that you do not mind whatever, as long as her.

After that Bella and Jacob become friends again. Jacob introduces Bella to the flock, and they all get along very well. Sam Uley, leader of the flock Alfa, reported a redheaded woman, who is the cause of all killings that have been occurring. Bella knows that Victoria is, and has returned to avenge the death of his beloved.

Bella decides to practice cliff jumping alone to return to the voice of Edward, however, towards good weather as not to give notice that a storm was about to begin, when dropped, the storm had already begun, causing eddies and Bella could not be doing that exiting, inside the water, Bella once again listening to Edward, who ordered him to not give up and swim ... Bella starts to wander, and realizes that at last will be happy, so we paid, but when you wake up moments later, he realizes that he is in the arms of Jacob, and he has saved.

Upon arriving home, Bella realizes that perhaps she can try something with Jacob, while thinking about the possibility, heard Edward's voice telling you "be happy".

After being in La Push one days, Jacob goes back to Bella's house to leave, they are close, Bella sees Carlisle parked Mercedes and asks Jacob to stop, to go inside. Jacob replied no, and that are better, Bella tries to get off the truck I have to go home, Jacob finally let go, but not before saying "I hope that Bella does not die."

When entering a house realizes that Alice is the one inside. Bella gets to mourn Alice while she wonders how that is alive, if she saw her jump, and he sees the future; Bella explains everything that happened since he left the Cullen Forks. When told that Jacob is a werewolf, Alice wondered if it was why I was not rescued when drowning, since Alice can not see in their visions for licántropos. Jacob called to see if it is true that Bella is still alive, but it hangs when it checks.

Two days after the arrival of Alice in Forks, Bella and Jacob visit to warn you that while some of Cullen in the Forks of licántropos can not protect, then the phone rings and answer Jacob, Bella sees how tense listening the voice on the other side of the phone and the only words he says are "not at home," he is at the funeral, "and that his friend Harry Clearwater died the day that Bella jumped. When hung, Bella demanded to know who he was and he said it was Carlisle, but then Alice tells the truth was that Edward was called to ask about Charlie. Saying that he was at the funeral, thinks that Edward is Bella's funeral and decides to go to Italy due to Vulturis to commit suicide. Alice and Bella go out there and then headed to Italy to stop Edward's plan: kill exposing it to sunlight for people to see that is not human. Hence it Vulturis killed. Already in Volterra, Bella that Edward is not exposed to sunlight, but it was too late because they were too close to the Vulturis. Edward tries to protect Bella while being taken to the lair of the vampires Italians.

The Vulturis to see Bella, they realize that it is human and knows the secret, so you have two options: kill or turn into a vampire. They say that if Edward turns Bella into a vampire themselves are responsible for killing. Alice taught her vision of Bella into a vampire and the Vulturis let go. Upon arrival in Forks, Edward tells Bella the truth about why he went and left alone. Bella understands, but asks you to become the vampire before the Vulturis go and kill it. Edward refuses to turn, and Bella decides to go home for Edward to vote on their lives. Everyone agrees except Edward and Rosalie, and Carlisle promises to Bella that he converted himself after graduation, so she agrees.

Upon arriving home from Bella, Edward tells Bella that if he wants to become instead of Carlisle, you must marry him. She takes it as a joke and does not give a specific answer that night. Bella's relationship with Jacob deteriorates she agrees to see Edward again as if nothing happened, so they decided to get away from it.
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