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PostSubject: book ECLIPSE   Thu May 21, 2009 3:17 pm

Misses Bella Jacob Black, because his love is divided. Finally discovered that not only loves Edward with all his soul, but also feels very defined by Jacob, who is himself shows that it has always just loved that she does not dare to express it. Vampire Edward and her boyfriend does not want to reconcile, then beware. We present a new wave of killings in Seattle so all think they are bears around, just know that Cullen is one of its kind, so do some research and discovered that the vampire is Victoria which is behind all this to be creating an army of newcomers. Jasper tells his story and how it is that I come to the Cullen family and decide to fight the newcomers, Jasper gives one the military training and was familiar with the topic at the beginning of vampire. Bella Jasper asks leave to participate as the bait in place, but Edward was immediately prohibited any closer to where you fight and you can leave a trail of scent for newbies fight, the same day it was decided Edward does not fight for Bella to accompany this request. At the graduation party of the Bella licántropos decide to join the battle and for the safety of beautiful, Jake decides to volunteer as her protector and edward to be away from camping clear. Days before the fight. Bella goes to Edward's house to be near the battle by telling Charlie that he will be shopping with Alice, but only stayed with Edward and the others went to hunt for vampires to be strong on the day of battle. In the room of Edward, Bella agrees to marry on the condition of having sex with the first, he refuses on the grounds that want to protect the virginity of this and tells you that you must marry him, then gives a engagement ring. Minutes before the fight began, Jacob withdrew and instead comes Seth (licántropo little experience) to change the place, leaving only Seth, Edward and Bella in the camp. The fight starts and everything seems to go well until Victoria and one of the newbies (and your partner) named Ryley discover the hideout of Bella, Edward and Seth try to protect Bella fighting with the two vampires. Then Bella decided to use as bait to distract making a wound in the arm to distract her with the scent of blood, but does not give you time, as Edward and Seth handicap vampires in a not very nice ... completely dismembered and then burned the remains of the vampires. After the battle with the neophytes of Victoria ended, appear Vultiris to see how big the damage was caused by newbies, but to see that Cullen had been ordered removed without discovering that they had help from licántropos (since the vulturis do not respect anything other than its rules), to get hurt Jacob, Bella is visited by speaking of the subject that is not very convenient that there are more but remain friends to say how she loves Edward. Bella and Edward agree that Alice organize your wedding. Edward is now who will seek to have sex with Bella, but this time it is she who refuses and promises that will happen after the wedding. In the epilogue (Narrated by Jacob) that it has reached an invitation to the wedding of Bella, which enters phase and flees
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